Sunday 13 June
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Re: Set - Connect Groups

Week Two


Part 2: Re: Set to Reimagine


Read Exodus 35: 4-35

Re: Designing

There’s a lot of detail here giving us a window into a vibrant community that is pooling together resources and skills in a great shared endeavour: constructing the Tabernacle (a kind of portable sanctuary).

Enormous shared tasks like these can unite a community, weaving people together with a common purpose.

As we look ahead to the rest of the year and decade, how can we come together in these challenging times to engrave, design, embroider, and weave a better world?

Read Hosea 11: 1-11

Re: Engaging

In the midst of all too human conflict and calamity, rejection and recklessness comes the voice of God — tender, frustrated, in pain — and sounding astonishingly human. 

Getting our heads around what it is like to ‘be’ God is phenomenally difficult. How can we possibly imagine what it is like to be the ageless creator of everything!? But knowing that we ourselves are made in the image of God might give us some clues…

As we see in this reading: a heartbroken parent raising a child making their way through the miraculous and the mundane, the incredible and the everyday, teaching their child to walk and then bracing themselves for rejection, offers an echo of the divine love at heart of the universe.

What do you imagine it is like to ‘be' God? Are there other aspects of human experience that might give us other insights into ‘being' God?

Read John 15: 9-17

Re: Claiming

As followers of Jesus we can lay claim to an earth-shattering fact: Jesus — the Son of God, the Word at the beginning of the universe — is our friend.

Jesus lives with us as our friend. As a group, come up with different ways you could spend quality time with your friend Jesus today.