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Be inspired each day by prayers and readings from Sanctuary First

It can be difficult keeping up a good habit — like reading the Bible every day, and praying every day. Our days are so full and busy that even visiting our favourite websites (like Sanctuary First!) can be a struggle to fit into the daily routine

So why not let us come to you?

We can send you an email, every day, with the daily Bible reading and thoughtful prayer from Sanctuary First. You only have to sign up, once, using the box below. Each email also has an unsubscribe link, so if at any point you want to stop receiving the emails, just click the link at the bottom of any email.

Just so that you know, we will store your e-mail address securely on a password protected system managed by our IT provider Sanctus Media. We will only use this contact information to send you Daily Worship, to keep in touch with you with news and information about our events and what’s happening within Sanctuary First and to prepare statistical information about the usage of the Daily Worship email. By providing your email address you are giving your consent for this.

We hope that this will encourage you in your regular routine of daily worship.