Monday 25 January
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What is Sanctuary First?

Connected through worship

Sanctuary First is a vibrant, openhearted online worshipping community. We are passionate about exploring new ways for people to connect with God, spirituality, and one another.

In a busy, overwhelming digital world, we want to give you the opportunity to pause and draw breath - to take a moment…

We invite you to find a little sanctuary.

Sanctuary First is a pioneering worship community of the Church of Scotland. We are part of Falkirk Presbytery (a charity registered in Scotland, charity no. SC018587). We are excited to explore creative ways of using the internet to wrestle with our faith — to learn, celebrate, and find solace.

We aim to be a resource for the wider church and a fresh way to engage with Christianity for those who are unfamiliar or unused to church.

Everybody is welcome. Whoever you are, wherever you have come from, we hope you can find a little sanctuary here.

We publish prayers and readings in our Daily Worship which you can access here on the site, through our app, on social media, or by signing up to our email list.

We also regularly produce live streamed events, music, short films, podcasts, blog posts, conferences, worship leading and personal reflection resources.

With the guidance of our Heavenly Father, Son and Holy Spirit we are establishing a network across Scotland and around the world that we can use to encourage and inspire one another.

Dear God,

Help us to find the words,

the gestures,

the expressions,

the pictures,

the melodies,

that witness to your love and grace.

Give us the language,

the posture,

the outlook,

the imagination,

the tune,


straightforwardly and honestly

speak of where we have come from

and where we are going.


Team members

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Albert Bogle

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James Cathcart

James Cathcart

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Laura Digan

Laura Digan

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Pete Phillips

Pete Phillips

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Jack Steel

Jack Steel

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Jane Steel

Jane Steel

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Jim Steel

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