Monday 25 January
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Exploring C.S Lewis

NEW Book Club - Thursday at 8PM

Sign up will open on Thursday the 24th of October

Exploring C.s Lewis is a new Book Club from Sanctuary First. Every week on Thursday at 8PM Sandy Smith will lead an online book club focusing on the works of C.S Lewis. The first of C.S Lewis’s books covered in this Club will be ‘Surprised by Joy: The Shape of My Early Life’. This first run of the Club will start on the 1st of October and finish on the 31st of October, which the chapters divided evenly between the five weeks.

This book club is offered primarily to all those who have perhaps not read anything of Lewis or very little and will serve as an introduction into the man himself, who he was, what he stood for and what he believed in. That said, if you have read or re-read some titles many times you will still be welcome to take the journey but be aware, you might be travelling with beginners.


If you love books, are looking to be part of a new book club and are willing and keen to meeting and chat with new people, then come along and join us on Thursday at 8PM for ‘Exploring C.S Lewis!

Exploring C.S Lewis  

Signups for this series has closed.

Tales from the Library

SIGN UP NOW - Every Thursday at 3PM

Join us for Tales From The Library: A new connect book review club in the Virtual Coffee Shop. Every Thursday at 3PM we will explore a new book and tale from various different writers. Read the book in advance or listen to our available audio recordings of the stories and then join us for a chat about the story and its deeper themes and meanings. Book recordings will be made available on the Wednesday before the Connect Group chat. Sign up below in order to take part and access the books.

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