Thursday 13 August

Daily Worship


Thank you, eternal God, that You welcome everyone who calls out to You. 

Romans 10: 5-15 (NRSV)

...the same Lord is Lord of all and is generous to all who call on him.


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May the Lord Bless You Music
The Gift
Secret Chord Session
The Gift


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Evening Coffee Shop


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Bring your apple to church day!


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Weekly Review 07.08.20
Weekly Review 07.08.20

'Setting Out' This week the gang are chatting about what it means to pause…

What are people saying?

“The Psalms are preyers to have a clean life an spiritual exercises, in another religions are a great…”

one day ago on ‘ Surrounded with signs

“I respond for the yesterday,l lern the best think is have patience.When a persson take towice the same think…”

2 days ago on ‘ Praise the Lord

“Thank you for the inspiring worship shared in this way. Is it at all possible for the font used to be larger…”

2 days ago on ‘ The legacy we leave

“Now that is the kindest thing I've heard all week. Thanks Jock!”

2 days ago on ‘ God Talkin’

“Yes Muriel It's wonderful to know that God is not finished with us even if we think we're finished with God. …”

2 days ago on ‘ The grace to wait patiently