Five Tastes of Holy Week: Episode 5 Salt

Laura Digan March 30, 2024 2 0
Five Tastes of Holy Week: Episode 5 Salt

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Episode 5: Salt

“This can’t be the end.

I thought there was more to it.

We all thought there was more to it.

He can’t have died for nothing.

I thought there was more to it. More to Jesus.

I’m going to make soup.”

This Holy Saturday Laura concludes our series, imagining how an exhausted disciple might have felt on that bittersweet day, and the salt that stirs them to action.

The final episodes in a sequence of five audio meditations running daily Tuesday - Saturday of Holy Week. Poetry, drama, music, and prayer come together and invite us to rediscover the wonder of Easter through our tastebuds.

Each day we focus on one of the five tastes to experience the vividness of these timeless events in a new way. We will see how harshness, deliciousness, acidity, richness and tanginess can draw us further and deeper into this world-changing, universe-changing, week.

The series is a collaboration between James Cathcart and Laura Digan and features music from ‘Have You Room For Love?’ by The Bogle Band.

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