Thursday 5 August 
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Re: Set - Connect Groups

Week One


Part 1: Re: Set to Rediscover


Read Acts 8: 26-40

Re: Discover

You’ve got to love the honesty of that Ethiopian eunuch. When asked if he understands what he’s reading there’s no bluster or bravado or excuses. He presses the reset button and says "How can I, unless someone guides me?”

Who has helped you to discover — or rediscover — things about God, the Bible, and your faith?

And who could God be drawing you towards to explain the puzzle they are looking at as they try to make sense of their faith?

Read Psalm 81

Re: Tune

Chances are you don’t have a lyre lying around that you can grab. But you probably do have another portable, handheld device that makes noise and that can help you retune into God.

This psalm is a stirring invitation to reconnect that invites us to engage our senses creatively and use technology imaginatively to help us focus on the divine.

What are the sounds that help you tune in and connect to God?

Read John 15: 1-8

Re: Grow

What are the fruits you long to see grow this year — the hopes that you are nurturing and tending to in your life, in the church, in your local community?

As branches of the true vine, how do we ensure that we abide with Jesus so that he flows through everything we are working towards?