Monday 30 March
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God’s Grand Design

It’s time to be reminded of the Cross Shaped Space again and understand the Cross as part of God’s Grand Design. Last year we thought about the significance of the cross shaped space pointing us beyond the space to the Spirit and presence of God among his people. This year we thought it would be interesting to take the idea of a Grand Design and reflect upon the Cross as being at the heart of the structure of God’s Grand Creation Design.

Its fascinating to notice that the scriptures talk of the importance of the role of community in the life of the believer. Indeed it is almost impossible to be alive to God without community. According to the New testament writers one is first part of what they call  ”the body of Christ” . The community of believers is described as a living temple by the Apostle Peter.

Our whole lives are seen as being integrated and indeed interdependent on each other. Paul also talks about this in Corinthians. Peter likens us to a building made up of living and dynamic relationships. At the centre or heart of all these relationships is a willingness to serve the other.

We have invited our writers for the month of April to write prayers around the idea of God’s Cross Shaped Design.