Goals of Sanctuary First

Albert Bogle April 08, 2016 0 0
Goals of Sanctuary First

Some folks have been asking me what the immediate specific aims of Sanctuary First will be as I take up the new challenge. We hope to keep everything  going as it is at present but to begin to add new features on a regular basis.

I’ve got to start to build a creative team of passionate people who can catch the vision for a 21st century on-line congregation of the Church of Scotland. One that can also see the importance of also meeting off-line in order to create a holistic approach to being church.

I’m so grateful for the present partnership with Sanctus Media, one which will grow and develop further, but it is important that new ground is broken and new people come on to the team. This is essential in order that we can meet the needs of our varied subscribers,(keeping in mind we are seeking to connect with a wider population who have, for whatever reason, become disconnected from traditional church attendance, or indeed have never attended church on a regular basis), and supporters. We know from current research that there are a great deal of people who while not members of a Christian church would count themselves as believers. We’ve all met such people who would describe themselves as Christians but have no point of contact or reference to a Christian Community. 

It is so important if a person is to grow in faith to be encouraged to pray and read the scriptures regularly. Sanctuary First offers that connection immediately.  Anyone who has a smart phone or a tablet can be connected to Sanctuary First. Once that connection is made, we would hope that our users would begin to contribute to the prayers or even pass comment  on the prayers and  perhaps eventually attend one of our Sanctuary First gatherings. 

We will also continue to produce high quality digital worship and mission resources that can be shared around the internet and by local congregations who may wish to follow our weekly themes.

Sanctuary First, will also encourage the congregations within the Falkirk Presbytery bounds to explore effective ways they can use the internet as an additional tool to grow local congregations. Our aim is to have at least four congregations in the first year regularly streaming out their services live on the net.  So if you know a congregation that is interested in streaming please get in touch.

Very Rev Albert Bogle BD Mth