When the Night was Black as Death

Jack Steel February 27, 2020 1

Andy Scarcliffe

Andy has been a Baptist Minister for nearly forty years. Most of that time he has been involved in music in some way. In his first church he formed a band playing pubs and clubs, churches and prisons throughout Scotland, with a mixture of self-penned songs and cover versions. Throughout that time he has also led worship in each of the four churches he has pastored.

Since retirement in 2018, he has hit the open mic circuit in Edinburgh, playing covers of songs to sometimes-interested Edinburgh punters.
He says that every so often a song writes itself. “When night was black as death” was just such a song. “I was waiting to attend a meeting and had some time to spare. I went for a coffee. Coffee in hand, the phrase ‘when night was black as death’ came into my mind. I grabbed a napkin and wrote that down. Then “When death was black as night… And so it went on for twenty minutes, and it was written. The Holy Muse must have taken me that day”.