Upon a Midnight Clear by Alec Shuttleworth

Alec Shuttleworth November 28, 2021 0 1

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Upon a Midnight Clear

by Alec Shuttleworth

The first of our ‘Stories of the Unexpected’ is written by Alec Shuttleworth. The short story tells of a man who has lost touch. One cold winter night he hears a persistent ‘Tap, Tap, Tap’ at his window, it turns out to be a little blackbird pecking at his window, what follows leads to a change…

This Month on Sanctuary First we will be releasing a series of short stories ‘Stories of the Unexpected’ which will revolve around our December theme ‘The Unexpected Visitor’. Three writers and members of the Sanctuary First community have each contributed a short story that they have written around the months theme, these will be released each Sunday over the next three weeks in podcast and blog form, each story will be followed with its own ‘Writers Room Book Club’ on the following Saturday where we will meet to talk about the story, this will all conclude on the fourth week with a final story in the form of a Christmas film!

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