Do You Know My Story? Part 3 Mary Magdalene

Laura Digan March 21, 2024 2 1
Do You Know My Story? Part 3 Mary Magdalene

This Lent we are hearing from four biblical Leapers! Four people who took a leap of faith with their community. In this third part Laura Digan writes from the perspective of Mary Magdalene. (You can read more about Mary, in the Gospels, the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John!)


Do you know my story? Do you know just how much community means to me?

Jesus was everything to me. Jesus and our community. The community that Jesus had created with his love. The community made up of people just like me, where you were welcomed, seen and valued. 

I had been alone. I had battled many demons and Jesus had saved me. He had silenced the many voices in my head. The voices that had tormented me. The voices that had driven me from family and friends. 

From that day on I gave everything to him and joined his community of followers. We were usually on the move but that was ok. It was wonderful to be there when he got to a new place and healed the sick, to see lives transformed. It was amazing to hear him speak about God and his love for us. 

There were many women within our community. Some were wealthy in their own right. Some like Joanna had husbands who had wealth and influence. They all pooled their resources to care for Jesus and our community. Our needs were always met and we always had somewhere to stay. I helped the other women prepare the meals for everyone. 

It was an honour to serve Jesus. We never left him, not even when things got really bad. Most of the men might have scattered but us women stuck together and we stuck by Jesus. We comforted each other as his body and our hearts broke. 

Even when they put his body in the tomb we stayed. I’d have stayed there forever if it hadn’t been the Sabbath. 

After the Sabbath I returned with some of the women to anoint Jesus’ body with oil and herbs. But when we got there his tomb was empty.

My first thought was that someone has stolen our Lord’s body. His enemies couldn’t even let him rest in peace. I told the others and then I just broke down, overwhelmed by the exhaustion, the stress and the sorrow of the past few days. Through my tears I looked into the tomb and I was stunned to see what I think was two angels sitting where Jesus’ body had been. They asked why was I crying and in my shock I tried to explain. 

And then…I felt a presence behind me. I looked round and saw the feet and legs of the gardener. And his voice asked why was I crying? I tried to explain that someone had taken my Lord’s body but in the middle of my explanation he said my name. Mary. And it was like my heart stopped beating and I stopped breathing and time stood still. 


He said my name and I knew it was him. My Lord Jesus wasn’t dead. He was alive. I looked up and reached out to touch him. It was him. It was my Jesus standing before me. He wasn’t dead. He was alive. He was here with us. I was so happy. I couldn’t wait to tell everyone. 


Laura Digan