Mind Body Breath - Episode 3: ‘The Breath’ with Mark Russell

James Cathcart July 24, 2021 0 0
Mind Body Breath - Episode 3: ‘The Breath’ with Mark Russell

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A three part series where James Cathcart chats to informed, funny and wise experts about how our minds, bodies and breath interact in that pattern of tissue and synapses and bits of bone and soul that happen to make you — you.

In this final episode he talks to yoga teacher, triathlete, and musician Mark Russell. Listen to get practical tips on tuning in to your breath (including a neat trick of counting without actually counting…) and to find out: what porridge has to do with yoga, an unusual technique used in medieval kitchens, and the commitment you make to a banana when you eat it. Thanks to Mark for the music and Jack Steel for the cover art.

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