Sanctuary First Late Show - Episode Fifteen

Albert Bogle March 03, 2023 2 3

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Our theme: Outreach & Fellowship

In the newest episode of our monthly podcast we are speaking to Brian Honey-Morgan from The Hive Cornwall and to Craig Mackay from The Refuel Summer Festival all about Outreach and Christian fellowship. Watch live here on Facebook on Sanctuary First’s website or via our App, or you can listen back as a podcast later on via all of the above and Spotify and Apple podcasts.

The Hive is a U.K. based charity that believes they have a solution to world hunger and famine. Over one third of the world’s food that is produced is wasted. They are turning discarded industrial farmed food into nutrient-packed meals to feed the hungry. This will be a fascinating conversation as our usual presenters; Albert, Iain and Laura learn how Brian is seeking to explore how their work might be replicate in Scotland. Find out more: This Charity Wants Us To Rethink Food During The Coronavirus Pandemic - YouTube

Laura will be exploring with Craig the benefits of congregations going on holiday together. Could this be a solution to developing a new kind of church fellowship? The Scottish Christian Summer Festival, takes place in the stunning grounds of Gordon Castle Estate, on the banks of the River Spey. Craig will share why he believes the Refuel Festival offers a solution to congregations who are seeking to renew their vision.

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