Monday 17 June 
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Week Five

Wild Blessing


In this our final week we conclude by looking up to the glorious wildness of heaven and asking Jesus for his blessing. His blessing to appreciate this life and this world given to us. His blessing to know him and grow with him — like the irrepressible wild flowers we are called to be.

Read  Luke 24: 50-53

Wild Blessing!

“…he lifted up his hands and blessed them.” The wildness of Jesus is not the wildness of chaos, or whirlwind or wreckage. It is the wildness at the heart of real vibrant, peace and blessing.

Our Wild Jesus is not volatile, or erratic, or unstable. He is wild like a tree is wild — constant, steady, providing nourishment and shelter for others.

So, let’s unpack this moment. How come the disciples are praising God when Jesus has just left them? What does this tell us about the blessing of Jesus?

Read Acts 1: 1-11

Go wild!

“What you hanging around here for!? Why are you looking at where Jesus has been, rather than where Jesus is now?”

Do we sometimes need the same nudge? Are we sometimes inclined to look to where we last saw Jesus rather than to the new place Jesus might be calling us? If so, how can we ‘re-wild’ our imaginations to see where Jesus is leading us next?

Read Acts 1: 12-14

Wild party!

A new type of community forms around Wild Jesus! People of different backgrounds drawn together through his wild legacy. You can bet there was food and partying as the ragtag bunch set about changing the world. How can we rediscover this spirit of Godly and gentle wildness?