Monday 17 June 
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Week Three


Wild Eating


This week we are eating with Jesus on the beach, reflecting on what it means to catch on to his mission while we munch! Food is not incidental to life with Jesus, it’s a hugely important part of it!

SEEDS TO SOW: How can we eat with Jesus today?

Read John 21: 1-14

Catching on!

If you were on that boat, how would you feel? You’ve been out all night and some distant figure on the shore suggests you just try the other side!

How do you respond to Jesus offering you breakfast on the beach?

And also it’s important to remember that sometimes in life we don’t catch a thing.

Imagine this chapter ended at verse 3. Sometimes a given chapter in our lives ends at verse 3. Before rushing on to the miraculous catch let’s remember the empty nets and weary arms hauling them. Let’s remember empty cupboards and empty shelves. Jesus joins us in our eating, but also in our hunger, knowing himself keenly what it is to hunger and thirst.

How can we remember those with empty nets an empty cupboards this week?

Read John 21: 15-19

Catching a break!

You could say Peter catches a break. Three times he denied Jesus and now he gets three times to return to him. And note, all this happens after breakfast. Jesus ate with Peter and the rest before this encounter. Jesus cares about feeding us body and soul.

Jesus used food here intentionally. How could you use food to bless others this week?

Read Isaiah 55: 1-7 

Catching a bargain…

Free food! Eating is not simply a metaphor in the Bible — it is a central part of restoration and revival. Our Wild Jesus wants to eat with us — for nourishment is at the heart of the central message of God’s grace!

What’s the good news here you would share with others?