Windows on the Resurrection - Part Two

Albert Bogle April 03, 2023 1 0

Albert and Ken introduce us to the Windows on the resurrection and begin to dive into the deeper ideas behind each image.

The second window we come to is 'The Resurrection'. What is the significance of the resurrection of Christ in our modern day lives? How does this important aspect of Christian faith impact how we look out and onto the world every day?

Find out more about the windows: Digital Guide Book 

The Windows will be on display from the 4th - the 8th of April at St Cuthberts Parish in Edinburgh.

Opening Times: 

Tuesday 4rd of April: 9am - 4pm

Wednesday 5th of April: 12pm - 5pm

Thursday 6th of April: 9am - 4pm

Friday 7th of April: 12pm - 4pm

Saturday 8th of April: 9am - 1pm