Digital Footprint Conference Catch Up

James Cathcart August 15, 2018 0 0
Digital Footprint Conference Catch Up

The Sanctuary First team had a great time collaborating with the Church of Scotland’s Rural Working Group and Inverurie West Parish Church to put on a Digital Footprint conference, sharing new resources and exploring how digital technology can help refresh, re-engage and recommit the life of a Christian community.

The fantastic tech team at Inverurie West streamed the event live and currently all five hours of the broadcast are available on their YouTube page (the video is also embeded below).

- Learn about a suite of (mostly free) resources to support and encourage you

- Get fired up about communicating the heart of the Gospel

- Learn about how churches can use technology to pool ministry resources together

- Get the lowdown on how to get started live-streaming on a budget

- Explore new ways of shaping and promoting community, creativity and connectivity 

- Learn from Inverurie West’s experience

To help you find specific parts of the day these links will take you to a specific section on youtube, or you can scroll to the relevant time in the video below.

  1. Introduction and welcome, Rev Mandy Hickman Convener of the Rural Working Group (5:25)
  2. Opening worship, Rev Shelia Moir (9:00)
  3. Information about Rural Working Group, Mandy Hickman (21:51)
  4. Resources available from the Rural Working Group, Sheila Moir (34:58)
  5. Rural Working Group Website update and more new resources Heather Major (39:06)
  6. ‘How can the Church of Scotland help you?’, Shelia Moir (45:32)
  7. New Digital Resources from Church of Scotland, Mandy Hickman (50:51)
  8. Communicating Faith in a Changing Culture, Albert Bogle (54:43)
  9. Church to church videolinks, live Streaming in a Linked Charge Set Up, Neil MacLennan (1:42:17)
  10. If you are watching the whole thing and want to skip the lunch break, the conference starts back again here (3:04:51) Thanks again to Inverurie West for their excellent hospitality.
  11. Live streaming on the fly, using simple budget options, Jim Steel (3:07:16)
  12. Community, Creativity and Connectivity, James Cathcart (3:48:08) - Including a tour of the SF site, an interview with Allan Harrow from Inverurie West’s tech team and an interactive prayer
  13. Closing prayer from Mandy Hickman (4:48:55)

If you find this resource helpful, please feel free to share it with others, and keep an eye on Sanctuary First, Inverurie West Parish Church and The Rural Working Group for more information and resources exploring how to share and celebrate faith online.

James Cathcart