Communicate! - Intro

Albert Bogle January 05, 2023 0 0


Albert Bogle and James Cathcart introduce us to our new theme for the month of January on Sanctuary First: Communicate

Words, gestures, expressions, signs, body language, dance, pictures, rhythm, sighing, silences… we humans speak volumes… and constantly. There are myriad ways of communicating with one another and with God. Over time we tend to develop habits for how we pray, worship, sing, or generally express ourselves to God and each other. There is a richness in these repeating patterns, of saying words handed down through the years or walking in the same steps as our ancestors, but we can also sometimes end up ‘checking out’. We can find ourselves no longer really communicating, simply going through the motions with no connection.

So this month, at the start of a new year, we want to explore what happens when we refocus on the communication itself — not the what of being and doing church but the how.

It is brilliant that there are countless ways we can communicate with God and many ways God can communicate with us. The key is keeping open and heartfelt in how we respond to divine love

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