Weekly Review ‘Citizens of heaven’ 09.10.20

Albert Bogle October 09, 2020 0 0
Weekly Review ‘Citizens of heaven’ 09.10.20

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How do you worship God? A classic example of a sentence with multiple meanings depending on where you place the stress: How do you worship God? or How do you worship God? The team will explore the ‘how’ and the ‘you’ of worship. What does worship mean to each of us? We often use the term as a shorthand for church services in general or singing hymns in particular — but there are many ways of praising God.

How do you worship? What helps you to connect and tune in? Quiet and calm or noise and vividness? Continuity or spontaneity? Music? Nature? Art? Reading? Journalling? And how does worship transform us an individuals and as communities? Our worship reminds us we are citizens of heaven - how does that inform how we live as citizens on earth?

The team are joined by our Daily Worship writer this week Gordon Kennedy, Parish Minister of Craiglockhart Parish Church, Edinburgh. Gordon also contributed to our recent Sunday Live service ‘Set Free To Worship’ which is available to watch as a replay.