Time of the Month - The Woman at the Well

Laura Digan March 09, 2024 5 2

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Laura and Linda are back with a new season of podcasts. This first episode explores the unnamed Samaritan woman that Jesus met in John chapter 4. The Woman at the Well.

She is never named, yet her encounter with Jesus is the longest between the Messiah and any other individual in the Gospel of John. Representing the lowest of the low — a female in a society where women are both demeaned and disregarded, a race traditionally despised by Jews, and living in shame as a social outcast — she not only has a holy encounter with Christ but also receives eternal salvation. And her testimony convinces an entire town to believe, too.

Each month Laura and Linda welcome a guest to discuss the women of the Bible - the well-known women, the loved women, the unnamed women and the forgotten women. Each month they will also spend time talking about issues affecting women today.