Time of the Month - Episode 15: Jael

Laura Digan March 04, 2023 1 1

Laura and Linda are back with the second Time of the Month podcast of 2023. This episode they are joined by Ruth Forsyth and are discussing Jael from the Bible.

Who was Jael and what role did she play in the Bible? Jael became an Israeli hero for killing the general of Israel’s enemy, the Canaanite Sisera by hammering a tent peg into his temple. He was the commander of King Jabin’s army from Hazor.

She deceived Sisera by breaking cultural and social customs and her deception just doesn’t sit well with some modern Christian readers. Some scholars have not considered her a hero at all. Like many of the women that feature in this series of women from the bible, Jael is not a straight forward character, but one who is complex and controversial, Laura and Linda together explore this and more in this months episode. What do you make of Jael?

You can read about Jael in Judges 4

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