Daily Worship

God of the vulnerable

February 21, 2014 0

Matt 5:5

Happy are those who are humble, they will receive what God has promised

God of the vulnerable
who turned the lives of the rejected,
Into places of witness for the kingdom.

Who touched the leper to remind the powerful who mattered.

And conversed with the excluded to teach others about the kingdom.

Who stood with women whom others rejected so they might lead the powerful to your truth.

And broke bred with the reviled to expose the religious to true faith.

Who turned tables in the temple to break the power of the institutions,

And whose death was between thieves on a cross 

Who refused to have enemies 

And challenged those who felt their status was threatened by your words to give it up anyway

Your life is a constant reminder,
to look past the acceptable and walk with the forgotten,
To reach past the comfortable to side with the broken,
To become the change you call us to be,
To belong to no-one but you.

Your way is not an easy walk,
Be with us when we struggle,
Encourage us when we stumble,
Lift us when we fall,
And help us use our vulnerability in being your followers,
Better serve those whose vulnerability is for reasons beyond their control.



Ewan Aitken
Council Secretary
Church and Society Council
Church of Scotland