Daily Worship

God of the questioner

February 22, 2014 0 0

Matt 5:4

Happy are those who mourn, God will comfort them

God of the questioner
Who told stories instead of pronouncing judgments,
Who answer questions with even deeper one,
Who demanded that the followers think for themselves,
Who spoke with authority that was not of this world but for this world.

Teach us to question the things that bring pain to your world,
The decisions that are for the few not the many,
The institutions that serve not you but themselves,
The places of power that do not understand that there is a difference between knowing the price of everything and the value of living.

Lead us to demand integrity from our politicians,
Lead us to demand compassion from our decision makers,
Lead us to demand justice from institutions,
Lead us to seek wisdom in the decisions that shape our communities and our nations.

Let us be willing to say not only how do we feed the hungry buy why are they hungry in the first place?

Let us be willing to say let the little children be safe but not so protected that they cannot be children.

Let us be willing to say we need a justice system that is more about redemption than it is retribution.

Let us be willing to say difference between neighbours new and not so new is something to be celebrated not feared.

Let us be willing to say we do not know every answer so lets work on the problem together whatever our differences

Let us be willing to say when things go wrong finding someone to blame isn’t always the best way of learning from our mistakes,

Let us be willing to question where we see injustice being ignored in the name of a quiet life, where compassion is lacking when budgets are tight, where integrity is being forgotten to maintain power, where wisdom is being ignored in the name of expediency,

Let us question so your kingdom many be seen in all places and by all people.


Ewan Aitken
Council Secretary
Church and Society Council
Church of Scotland