Daily Worship -

God of the New Way

February 23, 2014 0

Matt 5:8

Happy are the pure in heart, they will see God

God of the New Way

When we forget that your path is the one we should follow forgive us
When we forget that silence can hurt just as much as word forgive us
When we forget that our own needs are best served by thinking first of others, forgive us

We give thanks, deep and grateful thanks

That we know that because of the life, death and resurrection of your son, Jesus Christ, we can be forgiven, made new and walk again in your way

We greet that forgiveness and commit ourselves to being made new again
To walk your way again
To be your disciples again
To love not just our neighbour but our enemy
To give without seeking return
And to serve without seeking thanks

God of all places, these things, living your way, brings us freedom and hope
Justice and peace
Such as the world cannot give

The way the world tries to bring these things
The way of politics and power
Needs more than ever, your way
Yet is one of the places where that are most difficult to be true to

Through what we do and how we live your faith in you
Help us help these with worldly power over us
Use that power well
Use it to bring peace and healing to the broken places;
Food and shelter to those who needed;
Security and safety to those under threat;
Justice and freedom to those who are victims of the actions of others;
Opportunity and nurture to those beginning life and care and well being to those who have live most of the years life has to offer.

Let them use that power well, with wisdom and discernment,
Even when it’s hard to follow your way,
Even when loving their enemy is the last thing they want to do,
Even when the pressure to compromise for short term gain is immense,
Even when personal power might be lost by doing the right thing.
Let them being by asking how will what I do mean I am on God’s side



Ewan Aitken
Council Secretary
Church and Society Council
Church of Scotland