Daily Worship

God of the homeless

February 20, 2014 1

Matt 5:10

Happy are those who are persecuted, because they do what God requires

Who knows what it is,
To have nowhere to lay your head,
No home to call your own,
No place to simply be;

Whose life amongst us was one of poverty not power
Simplicity not excess
Being sanctuary not building status

Renew our call every day
To be counter cultural in how we treat those on the margin

Renew our call every day
To make the outside the center, the place of your kingdom

Renew our call every day
To stand with those without shelter instead of sheltering behind our privilege

Renew our call every day
To be signs of your transforming, life changing powerlessness that will bring hope and new life to those who feel far from everyone 

and to those who see themselves at the centre of everything 

Renew our call

Be our strength

Build your kingdom on us 

and all that we might be for you 



Ewan Aitken
Council Secretary
Church and Society Council
Church of Scotland