Prayer for Hope to Return

Albert Bogle February 15, 2023 1 0
Prayer for Hope to Return

A prayer by Albert Bogle responding to the recent earthquakes in southern Turkey and northern Syria.


Almighty merciful God

Our Father

When we encounter these times of great distress and sorrow

In our songs of praise we dare not edit out

The painful cries of hungry children

The bewildered look of the homeless

The broken hearts of the bereaved


We dare to ask why?

Because you have put these questions in our minds

The depth of your answer we know we cannot fathom

Our ears can only hear a discord

All this chaos goes beyond our understanding

But love invites us to find a harmonising note of grace


We look on hell through sanitised

Branded screens

“Life is good” says the tagline on my screen

“Great is your faithfulness” says the hymn line

And we scream a disconnect and flick the channel

We try to hide from the reality of the many


But this we do know and understand

Children are dying

Families have been bereaved

And the long sorrow continues

And still the cruel effects of war and earthquakes

Touch the innocent and the guilty alike


Today we pray your blessing

On all who suffer great hardship

On those who seek to relieve pain

On those who bravely put themselves in danger


Today we ask for miracles

For mountains to be moved

For supplies to be found

For peace to break out in war zones

For hope to return to our world




Albert Bogle