Monday 17 January 
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Unpacking Boxes - Connect Groups

Week Three


Part 3: Repurposing boxes


Conversation Starter

What boxes in your life can you not live without? And what boxes would you rather live without?

Read Psalm 29

The voice of God cuts through all...

As we’ve explored already this month, boxes can be practical and fun, a useful way of organising our lives, or of being generous, or imaginative... but of course boxes can also be constricting. The voice of The Lord breaks cedars and oak, it can break through the harmful boxes that limit us too.

What helps you to ‘pray outside the box’ to ignore the distractions and tune into the voice of God?

Read Luke 3: 21-22

I love you, I’m proud of you, you’re great... is a message we all want to hear... and can hear echoed at our own baptisms when God claims us as a beloved member of the family.

To keep running with the boxes metaphor, in the light of the loving invitation of baptism what are the important things for us to store in the box of life and what are the things we need to chuck out? What do we prioritise? And what do we leave behind?

Read Luke 12: 22-34

Jesus often invites us to rearrange and reorganise how we see things.

As disciples following the way, loving one another, we are called to share, not to hoard. An anagram of ‘HOARDINGS’ is ‘DO SHARING’.

How does this text challenge how you live your life and the decisions you make today?