Monday 24 June 
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Week One


Leaping into life with God


What if ‘a leap of faith’ is not a mad desperate dash? But more like the practiced leap of an athlete, who with training and encouragement is going to stretch themselves to go that bit further? Like athletes we don’t leap alone, we have the support of others who can help us prepare. Over our lives of discipleship we make all kinds of leaps of faith as we learn to trust God and one another. For the jumper on the track and the disciple on the road: focus and motivation are hugely important. Who are we leaping towards and why? Why leap with God and after God? Why bother!?

Seeds to sow: What are some of the small ‘leaps of faith’ that we make in our daily walk with God?

Read Isaiah 40: 28-31

All this month we are thinking about leaping with God. But who is God?

What do we learn about God from this reading?

Read 1 John 3: 1-3

Who are we to God — God's children!

God loves to see us leap and grow the way a loving parent delights in their children.

What can this reading tell us about God's love for us?

Read Romans 10: 1-13

As a group, how about we take time for — anyone who wants to — to share a story of a time in their life when they have responded to God?