Friday 19 April 
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This leap year we are going to ask what it means to leap with God!

The phrase 'leap of faith' can have a bit of a sense of desperation to it can’t it? A mad dash and jump to the other side! “Ooft, I made it!” But what if most of the ‘leaps of faith’ that we make in our journey of discipleship with God aren't wild lunges, but more like the leaps made by an athlete, or a child excitedly playing a game! Made enthusiastically and for the love of it!

We leap to follow God in hope and expectation — leaping into the Kingdom! Athletes need focus, practice, folk cheering them on, and people to coach them, and to catch them when they fall. All the same applies in discipleship! The leaps of faith we make are not made alone — just as even elite solo jumpers have whole support teams to enable them to perform at their best.

When we leap, we leap with others. Just like a child playing a game trying again and again while our friends help us. We leap to get somewhere, we leap for fun, we leap for adventure! This Lent let's make leaps of faith with our eyes wide open. Not leaps of desperation but leaps of gladness, faith and enthusiasm as we follow where God is leading us.

This year, let’s leap into Lent!


SEEDS TO SOW: We have a 'Seeds to Sow' phrase at the beginning of each section. These are open-ended and optional and are designed for people wanting to develop their own ideas/resources in response to the material. Perhaps if using this material as a group you could use these prompts to inspire a time of prayer, or drawing, or creative writing? They are intended to be short and sweet, simply a starting off place for you and your imagination, be encouraged to tailor/develop as suits your group.


Download the Discussion Questions as a PDF


These discussion questions adapt our monthly theme for small Connect Groups or personal Bible study. The questions are divided into 5 parts to correspond with the 5weeks of the Daily Worship theme. They are offered as a guideline and there is no need to go through all the given questions in a single session, or in the following sequence. Feel free to pick and choose, or adapt to what interests you or your group.


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