You’re Responsible - Its Over to You!

Albert Bogle May 05, 2016 0 0
You’re Responsible - Its Over to You!

Today all over the UK millions of people will be voting?  I often vote not because I believe in a party or indeed the person on the voting ballet. I vote in order to exercise my democratic right to vote. I have not doubt  when it comes to government that democracy is an imperfect system but it seems to me that it is the best we’ve got. It reminds us all that we have to take responsibility for the world and the community in which we live. Casting your vote  in itself is  an act of freedom and an acknowledgement of our rights and responsibilities.

Today is also Ascension Thursday. This is the day in the church calendar when we  as Christians are invited to reflect upon the words of the “Great Commission “of Jesus - “ Go and Make Disciples” It was Jesus’ way of handing over the responsibility of the gospel message to his disciples. 

Ascension Thursday says two things. Firstly it reminds us that Jesus has completed all he set out to do - his mission is accomplished. Secondly, it reminds us that we have to take our responsibility seriously as  disciples. We too have to go into our world where ever it may be and  complete our mission, by doing so we vindicate the trust that Jesus put on those first disciples and we continue to accept the responsibility of our calling.