TOTM Podcast - Questions to reflect on

Laura Digan October 21, 2022 0 0
TOTM Podcast - Questions to reflect on

We hope you enjoyed listening to this month’s Time of the Month podcast where we discussed the Midwives of Moses. You might not have agreed with all that we said but that is good! 


Some questions for you to reflect on further:


Do you think Shiphrah and Puah were guardians of the pharaoh's harem? 

Do you think the women were Hebrews? 

What is the scripture, Exodus 1: 15-21, saying to you?

Can you think of other examples of civil disobedience within the Bible? 

What would cause you to disobey civill law? What is your measuring stick? 

Can you think of occasions when obeying civil law means that we disobey God? 


Action: Think of one thing from the news that has made you stop and think. What one thing could you do to help to respond in the way that Jesus would like you to? 


Laura Digan