The Last Straw: A Heavenly Perspective - Part Three

Pamela Kennedy December 14, 2023 2 0
The Last Straw: A Heavenly Perspective - Part Three

Part Three: The Spirit’s Expectation

By Pamela Kennedy


Over Advent we are getting a sneak peek at four heavenly perspectives on the nativity! Each week a different writer will creatively engage with the story. In this third part Pamela Kennedy imagines the Holy Spirit’s expectation.

Somewhere deep inside, under cracked hardened layers, all of creation knows. It’s the reason for her groaning: this load, this heavy load, should not be ours to bear. How long, O Lord? But I am in their longing, stirring them, causing it to bubble up, to overflow.  A yearning, full of faith, in the darkest night. Oh that You would rend the heavens and come down!

Now is the time.

The whole earth crackles with pregnant hope, poised potential. The darkness shudders in the knowledge that the One who has always been is coming, has come, will evermore and unstoppably come to reveal what we have ordained: darkness’ reign is coming to an end, and with Him, it is forever finished.

He comes vulnerable: new life, ready for the imprint of the world, yet more ancient than they know. He comes, and all of human order is tipped on its head: strength in vulnerability, majesty in poverty, victory in humility.

Can this be?

This hope I breathed into the prophets of old this hope I breathe now. A child will come, a son. With us since the beginning, made flesh and bone, that dry bones would live! Even now, I speak Him over Zechariah, dumbfounded that he might hear; I speak Him over Mary, expectant; I speak Him into the world, and the whole earth rejoices.

Just watch.

I’m in the wonder of the shepherds, the song of the angels, the reverence of the wise men: the awakening of something planted deep within, a longing that seems to thrum in tune, anticipating this baby born to usher in the new. Together we will work, stirring new life: drawing our people from every corner of the earth, weaving them in, never to be lost again, never to be without the hope that is the yearning of their hearts.

Can you feel it? A hush. Soft rain on parched earth. He comes, He comes! Spirit to spirit, whispering:

“Adore Jesus”.


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