The Last Straw: A Heavenly Perspective - Part One

Ruth Kennedy December 01, 2023 2 0
The Last Straw: A Heavenly Perspective - Part One

Part One: Diary of a Heavenly Angel

By Ruth Kennedy


Over Advent we are getting a sneak peek at four heavenly perspectives on the nativity! Each week a different writer will creatively engage with the story. In our opening instalment Ruth Kennedy imagines how an angel might have felt as the events began to unfold.

Shalom. Sometimes I need to hear that word more than any other — and just now is one of them. The peace, tranquillity, calm, the healing, and wholeness that pours from God and runs like oil down the walls of His temple. There has been so much commotion, no, that’s the wrong word. Energy, yes that’s it.

Every angel, every ounce of this heavenly atmosphere, is fully charged with energy and the levels of expectation are through the roof! If heaven had a roof of course. And in our — my — anticipation it is good to remember the holy Shalom that I am in too. But the time is almost here, when God will be with humankind. They too will know Immanuel, God with us.

Gabriel briefed us to get ready to sing new songs of glory and wonder to the Son. These are easy to compose as I love worshipping God! It really is that time when the Word becomes flesh, taking on a human body to bring in the new era we are all waiting on! I am really looking forward to singing with the rest of the angels all these new songs… oh, I really hope we can go to some fields and light them up with this holy glory or go and tell it on the mountains that Jesus saves! We get to bring Joy to the world. What a day is coming.

I saw Mary and Elizabeth, they have no idea what is coming or who is coming to them. But, they are perfectly chosen servants with the softest and yet fiercest hearts. Soft to God their Lord and fierce to do His will. They really are inspirations of their time, quite, quite different to others. I can’t wait to see how excited they get when they are pregnant.

I reckon Mary will burst into song when she sees Elizabeth!

I suppose that’s a bit like us.

We are waiting for the birth of the new time that the birth of the Messiah will bring and they will be waiting on the birth of their baby boys. And just like childbirth, the time Jesus has on earth will be painful at times but so incredibly necessary. Actually, it makes my mind boggle that this is God’s plan to love the world, to give them himself, His Son, so they can see Him and believe that God exists, they can trust Him and walk again with Him. Just like Adam and Eve used to in the garden of Eden. I remember that time, it was beautiful.

But the time that is coming, that Jesus will gift to the world, is even more beautiful. God is utterly amazing to have such an audacious plan!

We’ve been singing God’s name of Immanuel here in the angelic circles for eons! Because God is with us. And now all of earth will get to share in our songs too! Yes — I feel a song coming on, a song that sings of His holiness and glory.

I have it.

It’s the only words that can sum up my angelic response to all of this:

‘Adore Jesus.’