Windows On The Resurrection - On The Road!

Albert Bogle May 02, 2023 0 0
Windows On The Resurrection - On The Road!

'Windows On The Resurrection' is going on the road!


Are You interested in having the Windows tour to your community? Perhaps you are a part of a local church, or a community organisation with a space and vibrant community that could host them? We are on the hunt for partners up and down the county that would welcome the opertunity to talk and engage with people about the resurrection of Christ through art. Get In Touch

'Windows On The Resurrection' is a prophetic piece of art inviting the viewer to engage with the message of hope and transformation. The windows are a living parable exploring how God can use discarded things for his glory. They are now available to tour around Scotland.

The installation started its life as a set of twelve discarded windows waiting to be taken to the local landfill. Instead they were rescued by the creative team at Sanctuary First and turned into a dynamic colourful stained glass window light and music show, depicting scenes from the story of the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. Check out the tour guide book here: Digital Guide Booklet 

Each discarded window invites the viewer to look beyond their present time framed moment, to allow the light of the resurrection to pierce their soul. Twelve windows inviting you to look beyond their domestic past and encounter the presence of the risen Lord. When people realise the history behind the windows, the artistic transformation becomes all the more challenging and surprising.

As many hundreds of people filed past the windows in St Cuthbert’s Parish Church Edinburgh, during Holy Week 2023 it occurred to us that it would be a great pity to lock these windows away until next year; because they have a voice and they speak of hope and transformation at a time when many in the church are feeling despondent and anxious about the future. We believe they have a contribution to make to the witness of the church at this time.

The installation is now available to any community who feels they could use the windows as a mission outreach to their town centre or community. If you would like to find out more about what is involved including the costs please get in touch with us at

The Windows were painted by members of the Sanctuary First Community in Partnership with local charity; 'Stirling 4 Community'. The designs for the windows were created by Jack Steel the freelance creative director of Sanctuary First and the haunting soundtrack was written by Dr Allan Hewitt a member of the Sanctuary First Community.