Ready Steady Go!

Albert Bogle May 04, 2016 0 0
Ready Steady Go!

The impact of the message depends greatly upon the person who has been sent.  Jesus reminded the disciples that they have to be the witnesses.  It would be their own personal story of the encounter with him that would begin to inspire others to also seek out that encounter.

What is it that has happened to us that we have lost the desire to be sent? Are we unwell? Have we caught a virus that stops us from being excited about God’s work in our lives? 

I remember when I was at primary school. In those days we all got free milk. When it would come near milk time the teacher would ask, “Who wants to go for the milk?” We would all be so excited to get out of the class to go on the adventure. All our hands would be up in the air straining to be seen straining to be sent! “Send me Miss! Miss send me!”

To be a witness to all that God is doing in our lives is surely worth sharing and being excited about.  Of course if your unwell you don’t need or desire the added pressure of an adventure.  It may well be that many of us are spiritually unwell. In true we may well be gasping for our spiritual breath.

I wonder if you have ever witnessed someone in the throws of an asthma attack. It is not a pleasant thing to watch.  It is a crippling condition when you are gasping for your next breath.  At that point you are not thinking about holding an in-depth conversation with those who are around. You are literally gasping for your next breath. I believe that the church in many places is in a chronic condition. There is no point in criticising a sick person, what is needed is understanding and encouragement to take the medicine and get better. So what would that medicine look like?  One thing for certain is that often knowing your ill is the first step to recovery.