Just Past Midnight - The story behind the song

Ian Ferguson December 21, 2021 0 2
Just Past Midnight - The story behind the song

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Ian Ferguson shares the story behind the Bogle Band’s Christmas song ‘Just Past Midnight on Christmas Morn’...

What I am about to tell you will be for many unbelievable.

To be honest I couldn't believe it myself. I cannot count the number of Christmas Eve services I have led during my ministry, however, this particular experience happened after one of those Christmas Eve services some years ago.

It was 12.30 in the morning and the midnight service had finished and people had left the church.

I was locking up the church and suddenly heard a noise at the front door so I walked over and there, standing by the door was a young man. I told him that he had missed the Midnight Service. All he said was that he had come to bless me.

I looked at him and was very puzzled. He was wearing trousers and a jacket and shoes like sandals not the kind of attire for a night like this. Outside it was cold and the snow had been falling heavily on the car park of the church.

Looking at the weather, as the snow fell thicker, I said to him “Wait there and I'll drive you home". I turned to lock the office door which was next to the main door of the church. I think I was still talking like “You've not got a coat, you'll freeze to death”. When I turned to speak to face him he had gone. It was just a matter of seconds. So I rushed out into the car park to see where he had gone. However, there were no footprints on the virgin snow. The car park was covered, like with a blanket of white stuff.

I thought to myself "Where did he go? Where are his footprints?”

I locked the church then got into my car and managed to get out without getting stuck in the snow.

It was then, as I was driving home that I felt a warm feeling in my heart.

I started to laugh. The car seemed to be filled with a strange peace.

When I arrived home, my wife Heather was putting the finishing touches for our Christmas lunch later that day.

"Heather, I think I've met an angel”

Do you know what? I believe I did. She could see by my face that something had happened to me. So did I meet an angel? I think I did. I believe in heavenly visitors. The Christmas narrative is full of them.

Well, I shared this with a few folks and even mentioned the occasion in some of my later sermons. One of the people I shared the story with was my dear friend of many many years the Rev Albert Bogle. He wrote a song based on my encounter — ‘Just Passed Midnight on Christmas Morn.’

Ian Ferguson

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