Praying For Peace and Giving Support

Albert Bogle March 07, 2022 1


Praying For Peace and Giving Support


Albert Bogle invites you to join the Sanctuary First Community in prayer for peace in Ukraine.

Join the event here: Community Prayer


So much has been written about what has been happening in Ukraine during the past week, that it may seem superfluous to  be adding another voice to the many that have already spoken – yet, is it not the case that there can never be too many voices speaking out against injustice?


The reason why I’m writing this blog piece is that members of the Sanctuary First Community have contacted us suggesting that it would be helpful if we could as a community have an opportunity to share in prayer for the situation that has engulfed the whole world at this time.


In response to this request, we will have a time of prayer on Monday evening from 7:00PM -7:30PM – To join with us in prayer, please go to the Events section of the site at 7.00pm on Monday where you will find the 'Community Prayer' event and can join via the link which will apear at the 7:00PM via the Virtual Coffee Shop.


We believe this is an opportunity to stand together as a community in prayer. We are a worldwide community and some of our community live in Ukraine. Last week the Sanctuary First website was visited by a small number of Ukrainians.  It feels right that we should create an opportunity to meet up to pray with and for, the people of Ukraine and Russia. Let us pray that God will bring about an end to this evil plan to invade a sovereign democratic nation.


Susan Brown the Convener of the Faith Impact Forum (the new body that has replaced the World Mission Council of the Church of Scotland), has written to all congregations reminding us that we can make valuable contributions through supporting our partners on the ground.


Susan writes;

“We have been in touch with partners in the region, and with the World Communion of Reformed Churches, and others to ascertain the best way to offer help.

The Rev. Balázs Ódor, Ecumenical Officer for the Reformed Church in Hungary, has been in direct contact with us and we have been able to contact the Bishop’s Office in the Reformed Church in Carpathian Ukraine, and some congregations in Ukraine. It is good to take just a little time to do this so that the right kind of help is given in a way in which it can be used on the ground where it is needed most.”

Meanwhile for those who would like more information the Reformed Church in Hungary Aid (RCHA), has access to the Reformed church in Ukraine. This church are using their buildings to support the people moving from east to west as they seek safety and sanctuary. They also are working in the border areas of Hungary, Slovakia and Romania using the Reformed Church contacts and buildings there. They are providing daily updates and you can see more Information here: Reformed Church in Hungary - Updates

I hope this is helpful and that many of you who have taken time to read this blog post will join with us in prayer this coming Monday.


Find out how to join the event here: Community Prayer