New Writer - James Cathcart on taking heart

James Cathcart February 27, 2022 0 0
 New Writer - James Cathcart on taking heart

We thank Robert Allan for his Daily Worship and we welcome our own James Cathcart who launches our new theme for the first part of Lent Restless Souls. What does it mean day by day to be a citizen of heaven with eternity written in our hearts? How do our times of wandering and wondering in the wilderness give us new insights into God’s love for us? We humans are restless in our pursuit of meaning, and God is restless in pursuit of us.

This week James writes about unease, restoration and taking heart:


“…sometimes in our restlessness we don’t know where to turn,

where to look,

how to process the wonder

and the wondrous heartache of living

in amongst all this, amongst all that shines.”