More Than A Working Colleague

Albert Bogle April 29, 2016 1 0
More Than A Working Colleague

We all need to become more aware of the influence and the significance of our  work colleagues on our lives. They can have a good and lasting effect on our future or they can have the opposite. Recognising the importance of work colleagues and the power we give them over our lives is important. We need to learn to tune out the negative and tune into the positive people.

Today I want to celebrate a life long friendship that started out of my working life in the Bank.  Bob was the branch accountant.  He was a few years older than me and a more senior member of staff. What made Bob stand out from others was his sense of humour his interest in people and his “out of the box” thinking when it came to banking procedures. 

We struck up a friendship outside of the bank.  I now call him by his family name Robert. I even sold his mother-in-law one of my old cars. I remember it was a green Hillman Super Minx.  When I left the bank to study for the ministry Robert’s wife Sheena gave me a Bible, which I still have, although  it’s now falling to bits.  When Martha and I got married it was his mother-in-law who gave us the use of her caravan on Skye. And when our children came along Sheena was always there to give us words of encouragement and support.

It was a chance meeting in Largs in 1987 with their 17 year old son that brought about a twenty-nine year old songwriting partnership between Iain and myself.  A partnership that would later bring in their younger son Colin. Together all three of us have been the core members of the Bogle Band for many years. Songs have been written that have changed lives, songs have been written that have encouraged some to even enter the ministry. The songs have taken us all over the world from America to Australia but the songs have been the product of a friendship that started in the workplace over forty years ago.

So take a moment and look at your work colleagues through different eyes. One of them may well still be a friend forty years from now. God is at work in our lives bringing into our stories people and places and opportunities through which he will work out his purposes.  The thing is you often can’t see the connection in the present it is  only through hindsight, so treat everyone with the same respect as though they will be your friend and colleague for life and perhaps eternity.