Finding Honey In The Rock

James Cathcart September 20, 2021 0 0
Finding Honey In The Rock

In our recent Honey From The Rock Sunday Live Service we explored Deuteronomy 32: 7-14 and the idea of looking for surprising sweetness in the wilderness. Honey reminds us of God’s goodness, nourishing and care.

Life can be a bit of a wilderness, in many ways we’ve all spent the last couple of years going through different wildernesses depending on our circumstances. But even now, in the midst of everything, there are little flowers growing. And God is going to take these flowers, these little shoots of life, and spin them into a sweet gold to sustain you through the wilderness… because that’s who God is: right alongside us — for us and with us.

Check out the service replay to see Laura and James dig into all this, and to catch the thrilling action of ‘toaster cam’, and to listen to beautiful songs from Iain ‘The Doc’ Jamieson and Jim Steel.

At the end of the service we set everyone Honey Homework:

  1. Every day this week reflect on a moment of surprising sweetness or goodness in your day. What is the ‘honey in the rock moment’ that you are grateful for? The little bit of sweetness that encouraged you and kept you going. Thank God for this honey in the rock and if you journal you could write about it (and if you don’t you could write a honey journal for the week).
  2. Each day also consider how you could be ‘honey in the rock’ for someone else. Is there a small action you can take every day this week to bring a little sweetness to the life of somebody else? It could be sending a message, giving to charity, offering to help somebody out.
  3. Find out how you can help the bees (and nature more widely). We have been grateful for honey this week and in gratitude for God’s creation let’s take the opportunity to think of practical ways we can help bees, flowers and the whole ecosystem they rely on to thrive and flourish.

Thanks to Lily Cathcart for her wonderful Honey Homework illustration from the service which is featured in this blog post.

We will close here sharing an extract from one of the prayers that Laura wrote for the service:


Taste and see that the Lord is good.

Taste and smell that the Lord is good.

Taste and feel that the Lord is good. 


Lord, your love is like sweet, sweet honey.

A delicious, sticky goodness,

Lifting us,

Soothing us, 

Bringing comfort in the bitterness of the wilderness


Thanks for reading, and may you find honey in the rock this week!