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This Christmas, at Sanctuary First we are inviting you to Take a moment to experience joy, glory, peace, and love. 

This week we are encouraging one another to take a moment… to feel the peace. 

Take a moment to…stop. 
Put down the Christmas cards
Walk away from the baking tin.
Let go of that shopping list.
Drop the wrapping paper...
Take a moment - simply to be. 

Feel the peace that passes all understanding. Then challenge yourself to share that peace with others. How can you bring a little peace to your home, your community, your neighbourhood, your society this Christmas? 

Once again we have contributions from our Advent partners CrossReach and Christian Aid Scotland. If you are looking for ideas of where to share the peace this Christmas, these organisations are a fantastic place to start. Take a moment to do something positive, that contributes to peace in the world.

We are also featuring contributions from both me and my mum… the one and only Rhona Cathcart! We are delighted to have returning contributions from John Povey, minister of the Kirk of Calder; Eliza Cargill, Sanctuary First Worship, and Fiona Reynolds, probationary minister and Naval veteran - who we met in previous blog posts #SeeTheGlory and #LiveTheJoy.

As well as being my mum, Rhona is a writer, performer and the minister of Inverurie West Parish Church. She is looking forward to celebrating her first Christmas with her congregation and parish. She says, “At Christmas I find joy in new beginnings; in old friendships; in shared meals and worship; in familiar words made new; in the power of light to overcome darkness; in the fact that for a brief moment of time, and however imperfectly understood, words of peace and goodwill, and acts of generosity and grace are heard and acknowledged.”

As for me, I have now been working for Sanctuary First for over a year and it has been an incredibly rewarding and stimulating experience. I am looking forward to what 2018 has in store for Sanctuary First. In the first few months of the year we will be looking at Holy Endings and Heaven Touching Earth, exploring time, endings, loss, calling, mental health, healing, Celtic Christianity and the Holy Spirit…

We hope you enjoy reading this week’s Daily Worship and that you find moments to feel the peace where you are this advent. Share the peace with us by commenting below or on Facebook/Twitter and let us know where you are going to #FeelThePeace.

James Cathcart


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