Christian Creatives Blog 4: Music with Iain Jamieson

Laura Digan July 23, 2020 0

In 'Christian Creatives', a new fortnightly podcast series, Laura Digan discusses sources of inspiration, practicalities and managing confidence with creatives from different disciplines.

Each week, to encourage you to grow your creative skills and confidence, the featured artist will set a creative activity for you to take part in. In the fourth episode Laura speaks to doctor and singer/songwriter Iain Jamieson, who has set us not one but three creative challenges!

Iain's activity: Three Things That Spark Off Creativity  

1: Put your hands on an instrument that’s unfamiliar (if you’re a guitar player a uke or a banjo or a piano) without looking at any chord books — and this is important — start creating chords from what sounds good and right. Let your fingers fall as they may. 

Move them (the chords) one to another.

As you do that just listen and a song will come along and find you and it’ll be right.

2: If you have only got a guitar change its tuning. Open D is a good start or open E. Again, don’t look at a book just make shapes. Let them speak to you

3: Go for a walk. Find a quiet space — or it could even be a busy space — and listen, really listen. You will start to hear rhythms in the wind or in the footfall of people walking past. Tap it out on your legs and begin to hum a wee tune in time with it. This also works if you’re just walking. Listen for a wee tune in your head to accompany your stride and pace, start speaking or quietly singing words about what’s on your mind and presto — another song will come along

Listen to Laura interviewing Iain Jamieson on the Christian Creatives podcast.