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Weekly Review ‘Imagination, escapism & deep reality…’ 16.10.20

raemx October 16, 2020 0

Imagination is a powerful thing - it can allow us to unlock our potential and to innovate, but it can also be a form of escapism. Rather than living life in all its fullness we can use our imaginations to tune out and switch off. How do we help one another to imagine new ways of being here and thriving rather than new ways of getting away from it all? What role do we have as communities of faith in helping people engage their imaginations in a way that doesn't allow them to turn their backs on the hardships and injustices of the world? Join us for another fun, wideranging informal installment of the Weekly Review.

How do poetry and prayer use language to lead us deeper in to reality? Joining the team to discuss this and much more is our Daily Worship writer this week is Rev. Dr. Val Hindmarsh, Associate Minister, Norbury Parish Church who has a background in education and literacy.

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