Creation & The Creator - Sustainable Gardens

Laura Digan November 28, 2023 1 0

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Laura Miller gives Laura Digan a tour around her garden and shows us how she harvested the last of her crops and is preparing the garden for next year’s growth. This time we are looking at how we can get started with our own composting, using waste from the garden and how we can use a 'no dig' approach to gardening that is both more accessible for those with access restrictions, but also lets the garden naturally do the work for us, saving time and helping the bugs in the garden as well. 

We often think of God’s Creation on a vast scale, but in our own small ways how can we make our gardens more sustainable? How can we generate our own compost? How can we better use the waste from the garden to create new growth? and how does this help the soil and creatures that are also reliant on our gardens?

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