Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pegs - Intro

Albert Bogle May 10, 2023 0 0

Albert Bogle and Ruth Kennedy introduce us to our new theme on Sanctuary First for the month of May 'Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pegs?'

This month we’re doing a case study on some key shapers of the early church. What can we learn from the rock Peter? What will we uncover from Paul’s papers? What gems glint in amongst the tantalising snippets? And who is Priscilla and why are we talking about pegs!?

We have taken inspiration from the playground game rock-paper-scissors with its three interlocking components. Players of rock-paper-scissors must be quick on their feet adapting to the circumstances, like the first disciples. Rock, paper and scissors are ordinary objects too, things woven into the everyday act of existence, like the faith of the early church. Their faith wasn’t a mystical magical thing kept separate from the rest of their lives — it was right in the middle of their everyday living and the daily decisions they made.

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