Parable of the Good Samaritan

Albert Bogle August 03, 2015 0 0

The question about defining neighbours is relevant today in the light of the growing concern surround the lack of support given to refugees and also the increasing number of working poor who find it difficult to make ends meet.  The gospel message of Jesus continually challenges materialism as a way of life but emphasis the need to share the resources of the world in a fair way.  This parable emphasis the fact that being a neighbour is about sharing compassion and resources and being willing to be put in danger to help a needy person. All of this reflects the grace of God in our spiritual lives. When we were afar off wounded and unable to save ourselves jesus  stooped down took the first step to save us and rescue our lives. the church is called to be non judgemental towards the needy. The Samaritan if he had of followed tribal values and lines hew would have walked by instead he does what the other three who passed by should have done. He steps down and moves towards the person who might despise and reject him and brings healing into his life.