Freed For…

Albert Bogle October 06, 2011 1 0

Freedom, what does it mean? Does freedom really mean that you can do whatever you choose? Perhaps freedom is simply the ability to choose. Just because I choose not to do this or that does not mean that I am imprisoned by my self restraint, for I have the freedom to choose.

Choosing requires a deliberate act of the will, we are free to do what we choose, however, if exercising that freedom takes us outside of what is acceptable by the law of the land for example, then we may have our freedom taken away, perhaps by imprisonment. At the point of breaking a law we have the freedom to choose, break the law, or keep it. If I have a job, I am free to go to work, or not to, I will get paid if I go but may not get paid if I choose not to go, and so all actions have reactions or consequences.