Christmas Poems & Prayers of Reflection 2018

This series of reflective prayers and poems written by Albert Bogle and created by Jack Steel a few years ago were a way to take a moment and find calm in that period between Christmas and New Year. This year we will be creating a new series of videos in the same reflective mood. Find out more about this in our blog: An Uncanny Time

Hopefully these videos can give people an opportunity to take a moment during the hectic period of Christmas, be it alone or with there family to watch and listen to this series of reflective poems and prayers and find some quite time with themselves and with God.

These Videos are available to download an use as part of online worship, services or for personal use.

Travelling Prompted By The Spirit

Mary, God’s Revolutionary

When Glory is Terrifying

And You Come From Where?

On Our Backs? Worn Out? Look Up!

Peace on Earth

The Urban Shepherd