Thursday 6 August

Daily Worship

The grace to wait patiently
The grace to wait patiently

You know the sadness I carry
You know the love I have received and given
You know my failures and my fussing
You know the beginning and end of all things

Romans 9: 1-5 (NIV)

...theirs the divine glory...


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Simon Says Secret Chord Session
Simon Says

Ian Paget Ian is a singer and song writer and teacher based in central…

The Gift
Secret Chord Session
The Gift


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Tales From The Library


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Bring your apple to church day!


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Weekly Review 31.07.20

What are people saying?

“Albert, I loved two things about your words today: 1 Your ability to laugh at yourself 2 Your inability to…”

one day ago on ‘ God Talkin’

“Make a covennant and with me, give me a chance my God bless me with patients to have patience. Thank you…”

one day ago on ‘ The courage to ask another

“This is so true! I think the writer has been a fly on the wall at my family gatherings! What a beautiful…”

2 days ago on ‘ The courage to ask another

“Thank you for this reminder when Interaction with others whether it be family or colleagues prey on our minds.”

2 days ago on ‘ Honest God Talking