Worshipping in a New Skin

Help us sew the new wine skins

So that we can be ready to enjoy

The fruit of your Spirit in our lives.

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Mark 2: 18-22

...no one puts new wine into old wineskins; otherwise, the wine will burst the skins, and the wine is lost...

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Prayer Points

"For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them." (Matthew 18: 20) Here is a space to gather in God's name and share our hopes, concerns and thanksgiving. Suggest a prayer point that you would like to share with the Sanctuary First community (contact us). Feeling motivated to get involved with a local, national or global issue? Go to Do More to explore further.

  • Pilgrimage Prayer

    Father God,
    From the tips of our fingers, to the ends of our toes, and every weary, sore and aching place in between, you made every part of us. Let all our senses be alive to your presence today. Help us to see you in the friends and strangers we meet along the road. Let us hear and speak your words in our conversations, smell and taste you in the meals we share and know the solid companionship of your presence walking alongside us. 

    Kenneth Wilson

  • The Lonely

    We pray for the lonely in our society, that they may find comfort in the presence of the Lord in their life, and that they might receive practical support from those around them.

  • Praying for the planet

    Dear God, we pray for the planet, that people may be moved to protect it through their personal choices. Amen.

  • Renewal in the Church

    Renew within the Church a desire to share the message of forgiveness and grace.
    Lord, teach me how to witness to your grace and mercy, help me find the words that 
    will express to another the purpose for all our lives as we live and share together

  • Grief

    Keep in mind today all those who still grieve for loved ones.
    Lord, Give me the sensitivity to remember and show empathy towards those who 
    live with the pain of grief and loss. Help me find the right words to speak and to know when to keep silent.

  • Forgotten Refugees

    We pray for the forgotten refugees. The ones still travelling to get to their destination and those stuck in bureaucracy. May they meet caring and generous people on their travels.